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This annual spring retreat touches on the trails and hot springs in the magical area of Sun Valley, Idaho. We will be using outdoor mineral springs, fresh air and beautiful scenery, organic cleansing foods, yoga, meditation, mindful movement techniques, and ayurvedic detox body treatments, for complete restoration of the body and mind.


  • Daily organic green juices, healing teas, fresh pressed nut milks , pureed foods, supplements to support optimum digestion and skin health
  • Self care products for implementing Ayurvedic detox protocols in the am/pm
  • Daily heated yoga and guided meditation
  • Daily excursions to local hot springs and mineral pools
  • Daily movement outdoors
  • Daily evening self care, dry brushing and mineral bathing
  • Natural skin and personal care products provided to aid in detoxification
Or call the Limelight Reservations team at (888) 218-3282 for the same discounted rates.


January 10-14, 2023
April 17-21, 2023
May 22-26, 2023
September 11-15, 2023
December 4-8, 2023

Self schedule anytime and choose from fasting, cleansing, or meal plan.

Glow Cleanse Dates


So much amazingness lined up for our cleanse next week!! We can’t wait to spoil everyone with all our favorite breakfasts lunches, juices and more. Our first pickup is at 9am Monday 🌸
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Join us next week for our May 22-26 cleanse.

All GLOW 2023 cleanse dates are on our website. Sign up by Wednesday May 16 end day for our May 22-26 cleanse.
Enjoy the sun ☀️
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Were Super happy to be going in to a very important weekend!!! Mothers Day ❤️.
Today try our organic vegan cookie cups with cacao coconut cream filling and topped with a strawberry rose.
Happy Friday and have an amazing day✨

A day in LA ⭐️
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One of our favorite bowls, warm rice, peas, pickled ginger, sauteed mushrooms served over greens with a delectable tangy asian fusion sauce. We know what we’re having today! ...

We use only organic produce. We feel organic or beyond organic food should be a necessity for so many reasons. Organic food heals your body, with higher mineral and vitamin content, amazing flavor, and increased vital force, especially if locally grown and it heals the soil and ecosystem of our beautiful planet as well.

We love you and have an amazing day! ✨

We have a NEW crisp, clean delicious green juice recipe WITHOUT apple:
Cucumber, chard, celery, parsley, kale, spinach, ginger, and lime with fennel.

It is so delicious and going to power you through a busy day.

Come and get yours! 💛

The supplement industry is a trillion dollar industry. Supplements can be helpful as an adjunct to neurological and brain based wellness and our other methods to achieve an accelerated result. There are definitely a few supplements that we recommend that many people today tend to be deficient in such as magnesium and a full spectrum B vitamin. However not all supplements are created equal, and it`s important to take supplements that your body actually needs, are high quality, and are relevant to you. Many supplements on the market are found to be not helpful at best and toxic at worst. Not ours!! We customize supplement protocols for our clients and get them down to a third of what they`re taking with better results.

If you`re wondering if the supplements you take are helping, harmful or are irrelevant, we can help.

We also customize supplement protocols for our clients outside of our area, and ship monthly.

For more information: info@centerhealthsv.com ☀️

It’s cleanse season! Visit our website at glowsunvalley.com for a full list of our 2023 cleanse dates.

We will kick off cleanse season right after the mountain closes April 17-21. Our May cleanse will be May 22-26.

We are also offering a group liver flush to lead in to each cleanse. The liver flush prep process is 3-6 weeks and involves a few supplements each day leading in to the flush.

Why do we love the plant based cuisine so much? We love it because the food tastes better, is fresh, is filled with flavor and nutrition, and makes you feel energized! Cooking food can destroy 80% of the vitamin, mineral, and protein content. Food eaten in a minimally processed state gives you more nutrition and less inflammation, allowing your body the nutrients it needs on a daily basis to heal and replenish each day. Our foods are completely organic, plant based, sourced locally, and often beyond organic or wild.

It’s more important than ever to eat clean foods so that your body functions well, inflammation and pain clears, focus and sleep improve, and cellular processes and detoxification can happen on a daily basis. Eat to feel amazing!


Our 2023 cleanse dates are live on our site! We kick off spring cleansing season the week after the mountain closes April 17. Sign ups are live for both our April or May cleanses.
In addition our normal 5 day GLOW transformation cleanses we are offering a group liver flush this year. When the liver and gallbladder are stagnant, the body is also stuck, and all the 500 processes they regulate per day.

Benefits of liver flushing include:
✨ radiant, healthy skin
✨ proper hormone balance
✨ efficient digestion
✨ increased energy
✨ feelings of joy and happiness

Call or email us for more info and to join!

The Farmhouse bowl is one of our favorites - filling and satisfying with just the right touch of sweetness in the maple tahini dressing.

We start with greens, then layer in warm quinoa, warm sweet potato, caramelized brussels, peas, carrots, cabbage, and then pour over the tangy maple tahini dressing. Perfect for a cold day!

Our “blue majik” almond mylk is soooo good. We start with handmade GLOW almond milk so perfectly creamy and with just the perfect kiss of sweetness with fresh vanilla bean and a touch of date, then we blend in the blue majik superfood to add a burst of energy and nutrition. The result is a caramely creamy drink that can stand alone or be used as a smoothie base.
Blue majik is a superfood extract of spirulina but without the strong taste. We also use it in our yogi smoothie bowl and desserts as well. It can be added as a superfood add in to any smoothie.
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sesame crust topped with a smooth creamy vanilla filling smothered in salted chocolate.
A chef Jo creation ❤️.
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Happy snow day!! After everyone exhausts themselves we are here for you all!! Pictured here our vegan burrito with black beans, rice, guacamole, salsa, sweet potato and greens. One of our faves!!! ❤️.
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Our approach to resetting the nervous system and optimizing positive states of mental health and flow are literally ✨miraculous. We use individualized protocols to reset the brain, endocrine and nervous system at the level of the hypothalamus.
High levels of stress from childhood or over time can affect the brain and be seen on an EEG. This stress over time creates inefficient brain patterns and can be seen in symptoms of anxiety, depression, impulsivity, lack of focus, autoimmune, sleep disturbances and more. The brain controls all processes in the body and regulates the nervous system, hormone balance, sleep, health of organs and systems, and more.
If the brain is not functioning efficiently we train the brain through neurofeedback and QNRT, and clear the underlying limiting beliefs and patterns. We also bring in targeted nutrients as needed.
Visit our website for more info centerhealthsv.com
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Favorite bowl of all time. ❤️
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We had so much fun tonight at our AMIT demo and presentation. We love fixing people who are in pain, can’t recover from injury, and feel like pain and weakness is part of the aging process. It is not!! The AMIT work delivers time and again. We managed to fix an ankle muscle, glute max sacral that was leading to back pain, and a vastus medialis inferior muscle leading to knee pain. We did all this in one night and had lots of fun and laughter (as always) in the process.
Thanks @peakfitsv for hosting us and to Dr. Buhler @amitmethod for fearlessly teaching this incredible absolutely brilliant work.
Check out our website @centerhealthsv.com for more info and we’ll see you all soon. ✨🤍✨.
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Join us tonight for a demo of our incredible sports injury work that brings nearly magical and permanent resolution to pain and sports injury. The AMIT method has been used at the highest level of sports performance including professional basketball, football, and many of the US ski and snowboard team members. Check out the AMIT video by Dr Buhler on the home page of our website centerhealthsv.com.
This method is a secret weapon for kids in youth sports, adults who want to feel better than they’ve ever felt, completely pain free strong and stable, and both acute and chronic injury as well as recovery from surgery.
We’ll be answering any and all questions tonight and also fixing Zack’s @zacktaylorfitness unstable and chronically weak ankle muscles. 🙂
See you there! ✨🤍✨